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Cave stalagtites are painted on canvas and illuminate under UV lighting. They fit together to make a continuous scene. They are Fire Retardant and hemmed & eyeletted for easy hanging. Multiple layers of U.V Cave Decor Hangings can be installed overhead to create an awesome Cave effect. Ideal also for halloween events and parties.

Red/Purple 'Cave' hangings overhead with 'Red Rock' wall effect and 'SpaceCave' behind DJ



'Caves' fitted along top edge of wall
with 'Purple Rock' covering walls


'Caves' set the scene for the Ice Bar



'Mini Caves' over the doorway to the next room


Multiple layers of Blue/Purple Caves in a nightclub



'SpaceCave' behind DJ with Red/Purple 'Caves' overhead
and 'Red Rock' on DJ booth

  Layers of 'Caves' behind DJ
and 'Swirl' backdrop on DJ booth



Red/Purple 'Caves' over seating and
'Purple Rock' on walls


Red 'Mini Caves' overhead and 'Purple Rock' on walls make the entrance to Kents Cavern special


'SpaceCave' (1.8m x 7.5m) on wall with Blue/Purple Caves overhead.
See 'Space' page for more 'SpaceCaves' available for hire.



Part of a 'SpaceCave' 1.8m x 12m (sold)


Part of an icy 'SpaceCave' 1.8m x 8m (sold)


Blue/Purple 'Cave' hanging (stalagtite) 1.2m x 3.5m


Blue/Purple 'Mini Cave' hanging 0.5m x 3.5m


HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (excl' vat)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Blue/Purple Caves 1.2m x 3.5m £35 / each x 8 Set of 8 for £240 £350 / each
Red/Purple Caves 1.2m x 3.5m £35 / each x 3 Set of 3 for £90 £350 / each
Blue/Purple Mini Caves 0.5m x 3.5m £20 x 12 Set of 12 for £200 £200 / each
Red/Purple Mini Caves 0.5m x 3.5m £20 x 8 Set of 8 for £130 £200 / each
SpaceCave 1.8m x 7.5m £75 x 1   £1200
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