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.UV Lights, U.V, Ultraviolet, Ultra Violet, Fluorescent, Fluoro, Day-Glo, Dayglow, Blacklight, Lights for Hire and Purchase. UV Light, LED UV,

We have 4 different types of UV Lights available, though we recommend the 1st two below for most applications.
Usually UV Lights are mounted in the ceiling, the Spot light and the Strip light are ideal between 1m and 3m away from the Backdrop(s). The LED panel is best between 4.5m and 9m from Backdrop(s). UV Cannons are for large venues and will illumine whole walls up to 10m wide.

Low Energy UV SpotLight - 25cm x 15cm diameter - 25 watts - 1kg
Produces quite a bright beam, ideal for illuminating one backdrop
from short range, very light, easy to install

LED UV Panel - 25cm x 30 cm x 5cm thick - 12 watts - 2kg
This light has a 'sound to light' mode, is lightweight and very bright, as bright as a UV cannon
but with a narrower coverage, illumines a 3m SQ from 4.5m away, up to 6m SQ from 9m away.
Multiple lights can be ''daisy chained' together and will flash to the music
in sync with each other in 'sound to light' mode.

UV Strip Light with mirror shield - 1.2m long - 36 watts - 3 kg
UV fluorescent strip light, one strip will light one backdrop very brightly from 1m - 2m away
or a wall up to 5m wide from 2m - 3m away, or even a whole room up to 6m SQ (with the mirror off).
The mirror shield can be used to conceal the light and direct it to the desired wall only.

UV Cannon - 35cm x 35cm x 40cm - 400 watts - 10 kg
Powerful and good for large venues, has a long throw and wide coverage, one cannon can
illumine a whole wall up to 10m wide from a distance of about 7m, downside is it's big n heavy.


HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (Hire inc. VAT / Purchase exc. VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
UV Spot Light 15cm dia x 20cm £10 / each x 12 Set of 6 for £50 £25 / each
UV LED Panel 25cm x 30cm x 5cm £20 / each x 6 Set of 6 for £75 £100 / each
UV Strip Light 120cm x 5cm x 5cm £20 / each x 6 Set of 6 for £100 £80 / each
UV Cannon 30cm x 30cm x 40cm £25 / each x 6 Set of 6 for £125 £100 / each
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