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Our Winter Wonderland Theme is made using UV Paint Effects and is especially magical with the use of UV Lighting (Ultraviolet) which makes the Decor 'glow' within a subdued lighting environment. We have very effective Ice Drapes, and Ice Caves also Icicles, Snowflakes, Inflatable Cones, Fairy Lights, Overhead Icy Stretch Fabric and White Inflatable Stars to set the scene for a Magical Winter Wonderland Themed Event. Our Event Installation Team can take care of everything, setting up the Decor for you, including UV Lighting, LED ambient lighting, special stage features, overhead Decor such as Stars and Stretch Fabric, Pipe N Drape framework to hang the Ice Wall Drapes and Caves from, as well as Inflatable Cones and Fairy Lights. Or alternatively you can 'Dry Hire' Decor to install yourselves, see the price list at the bottom of the page.

Ice Bar using 'Purple Rock' Backdrop and 'Caves'



Icicles and Stretch Fabric


'Grotto' for musicians to perform concert.
'Purple Rock' & 'Caves'

Ice Drape in Daylight   The same Ice Drape in UV and gentle Lighting

Inflatable Stars 2.1m   Inflatable Star 2.1m has a UV light inside


White 'Silk Draping' uplit with LED lighting   Icicles, Stars and Stretch Fabric


Hotel Function Room before ..   after.. white 'Silk Draping' around the walls, lit with LEDs


'Silk Draping' behind presentation screen, ice blue lighting   'Inflatable Cone' on ground, Stretch Fabric, Icicles (1m) and Inflatable Stars in ceiling (viewed from above)


Blue 'Silk' Drape with White UV painted Snowflakes   Snowflakes spray painted onto window with fairy lights


'Magic' UV Backdrop 2.7m SQ for special features   'Blue Star' UV Backdrop 3.5m SQ, makes a good stage feature



'Ice Caves' 0.8m x 3.5m UV painted canvas hangings


HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (EXCL VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Icicles 0,7m - 1.2m   x 20 £100 £400 for 20
Ice Drapes 2.2m x 3m £40 / each x 12 £400 £350 / each
Blue Star Backdrop 3.5m SQ £70 x 1   £700
Magic Backdrop 2.7m SQ £70 x 1   £750
Ice Caves 0.8m x 3.5m £25 / each x 8 £160 £150 / each
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