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A range of Wedding drapes, unique backdrops, curtains and hangings are available as well as special features, painted backdrops and lighting. We can transform a hall or room for you using our looks beautiful . See below examples of Silk Draping and some of the special backdrops and features we have. We can create a setting anywhere using our aluminium frame system around the perimeter of the room (or even create divides) and then hanging our 'Silk' Drapes off the framework, elegant ruches and swags can be created with uplighting, also function rooms and halls can be uniquely transformed to look stunning, beautiful, blissful or funky. Decorations can be 'Dry Hired' - sent out for you to install, or a team of Visual Bliss fitters can come and install decorations for your special wedding.



'Silk' Draping, swagged white on white   Stained Glass Backdrop 3m SQ



'Silk' Draping with coloured uplighting, closely swagged, white on white



'Peacocks in Love' Backdrop 2.3m SQ   Silver Draping features
'Stained Glass' Backdrop1 - 3m SQ   'Peacocks in Love' Backdrop 2.3m SQ   'Stained Glass' Backdrop2 - 3m SQ

'Inflatable Hearts' with lights inside   'Heart Backdrop' 2.3m SQ
HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (Hire inc. VAT / Purchase exc. VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Stained Glass Backdrop 1 3m SQ £50 x 1 Set of 4 for £150 £600
Stained Glass Backdrop 2 3m SQ £50 x 1 £600
Peacocks in Love 2.5m SQ £45 x 1 £500
Heart 2.3m SQ £40 x 1 £350
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