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Inflatable Stars, Marquee Decorations, Star Mobiles, Special Event Decor, Big Stars, Aerial Hangings, Overhead Features, Christmas Stars, Inflatable Gold Stars, UV Inflatable stars, Air Star, Hire Coloured Inflatable Star, Quality Made in UK Inflatable Stars in many colours with UV Lights inside
Each Inflatable Star has its own internal fan which keeps it permanently inflated. They also come with a UV (Ultra Violet) light bulb fitted inside within a protective cage. They are made from an inherently fire retardant material and are painted with a variety of UV fluorescent surface effects. They are hung from a single clip hook and come with a 5m cable. - Plug in and go!
They may be hired or purchased. They are lightweight and packdown small and are easy to ship internationally.

We make these unique UV Coloured Inflatable Stars in 4 stock sizes 1.2m , 2.1m , 3m & 3.9m. Stars can also be made to order with custom colour and size.
Total power consumption per star is 50w.
1.2m & 2.1m Coloured Inflatable Stars & Stretch Fabric at Man City F.C. Corporate Dinner



Coloured 2.1m Inflatable Stars for Corporate Event
- also Inflatable Pillars


Big 3.9m Stars at Crystal Palace International Athletics
Stadium - World Latin American Dance Championship

Inflatable Stars of different colours   White, Blue and Purple Inflatable Stars

1.2m Red Inflatable Stars at Hilton Metropole Hotel   2.1m Inflatable Stars at Cowes Week

1.2m White Stars as Christmas
Decorations at London Centre
  3.9m & 3m Coloured Inflatable Stars at Glastonbury Festival Dance Marquee
- and Stretch Fabric


Pink Star (1.2m)   Green Star (1.2m)   Orange Star (1.2m)   Yellow Star (1.2m)


Red Star (1.2m)   Magenta star with Purple
Marble Effect (2.1m)
  Blue Star (1.2m)   Purple with Blue Flecks (3m)


White with Purple Marble Effect in daylight   White with Purple Marble Effect in dark with UV light inside


3.9m Big Inflatable Star suitable for huge marquees and stadiums
Pink with Purple Flecks
  2.1m Inflatable Gold Star


HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (excl' vat)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Inflatable Star with UV Light Inside 1.2m £40 / each Lots in many colours Set of 4 for £140 £275 / each
Inflatable Star with UV Light Inside 2.1m £50 / each Set of 4 for £175 £340 / each
Inflatable Star with UV Light Inside 3m £60 / each Set of 4 for £210 £410 / each
Inflatable Star with UV Light Inside 3.9m £70 / each Set of 4 for £245 £485 / each

We have too many stars in too many colours to list them all,
so please enquire at the office by phone or email for amounts available.
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