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3D Effect Drapes, Abstract Wall Background, Mountain Effect, Unusual Interior Wall Covering , Special UV Effects, NightClub Bar Interior, Backdrops

Below are a selection of 3D Effect Designs which can be made to order. These are a spray painted effect on lightweight fire retardant cotton; the finished 3D Effect Fabric can be hung as a background or fitted like wallpaper/fabric to create truly awesome interiors.
The paint used is responsive to Ultra Violet (UV) lighting.
In many of the designs the fabric appears to be 3-dimensional, but is flat. Most effective with UV lighting.
Each Backdrop is totally unique, but also similar to the others made in the same 'batch'.
Many of the designs can be made on the roll (1.5m wide) ready for fitting.
Most designs work out around £40/SQm, or £60/m at 1.5m wide min order 10m roll.

Varied Effects fitted on bar facia and lit with UV from behind pelmet


3D Effect 'Jungle Green'
3D Effect 'Gold Rock'
3D Effect 'Blue Green Quilted' 1.5m x 3m
3D Effect 'Rainbow' 1.5m x 3m
'RGB Flecks'   'RGB Flecks'
3D Effect 'Blue Purle Quilted' 3m SQ   3D Effect 'White Yellow Orange' 3m SQ
3D Effect 'Green Blue'' 3m SQ   3D Effect 'Colours on White' 3m SQ
3D Effect 'Red Points' 1.5m x 3m
3D Effect 'Blue Ice' 1.5m x 3m
'Big Bang' 1.5m x 3m
3D Effect 'Billowing' 2.2m x 3m
3D Effect 'Blue Flame on Red Rock' 1m x 1.5
'Flower Centre' 1.5m x 3m
3D Effect 'Orange to Purple' 1.5m x 4m
3D Effect 'Yellow Orange Mountains' 2.2m x 3m
3D Effect 'Red Flames on Green Rock' 1m x 1.5m
3D Effect 'Blue Green' 2.2m x 3m
'Dancing' 2.2m x 3m
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