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These 70s style themed backdrops and props make an excellent 70's Disco or Seventies Retro Party. Backdrops are made with UV active paint on strong light/medium weight cotton canvas. They are hemmed and have metal eyelets along the top for easy hanging. They 'light up' with the use of UV lighting.
Also available are 70s Inflatable Boots , Mirror Balls, UV Lighting and overhead Inflatable Stars to complete your 70s decoration theme.
Our installation team can transform your venue for you ready for a 70's Party, Disco or Event. See Event Decorating Services for more info or contact us for a quote.

70's UV Backdrops and Inflatable Boots, Stretch Fabric and Mirror Ball overhead.



'Disco Fever' set (x3) Inflatable Boot and Stretch Fabric


'Groovy 1' Backdrop and 'Circles'

'Spaghetti' Backdrop   'Groovy 2' Backdrop   'Circles' Backdrop


'Groovy 1' Backdrop 2.2m x 3.7m


'Far Out 1' Backdrop 2.2m x 3.7m


'Feel The Groove!' Backdrop 2.3m x 3.6m


'Get Down On It !' Backdrop 2.3m x 3.6m


'Groovy 2' Backdrop 2.3m x 3.5m


'Far Out 2' Backdrop 2.3m x 3.1m


'Dig It !' Backdrop 2.2m x 3.6m


'Silk Drape' walls with 'Dig It !' on top


'Groovy Baby' Backdrop 2.3m x 3m


'Funky Dude' Backdrop 2.3m x 3m


'Disco Fever Dancer' (M)
2.2m x 2.6m

  'Disco Fever' Backdrop Centre Piece of set of 3
2.2m x 3.5m
  'Disco Fever Dancer' (F)
2.2m x 2.6m

'Seventies 70s' Backdrop 2.3m x 3m


Purple 'Spaghetti' Backdrop 2.2m SQ   Orange 'Spaghetti' Backdrop 2.2m SQ   Blue 'Spaghetti' Backdrop 2.2m SQ

Purple 'Spaghetti' backdrop 2.3m SQ   Yellow 'Spaghetti' backdrop 2.3m SQ   Blue 'Spaghetti' backdrop 2.3 m SQ


'Big Circles 1' backdrop 2.3m SQ   'Big Circles 2' backdrop 2.3m SQ   'Big Circles 3' backdrop 2.3 m SQ

See also 'Swirls' for more complementary decor
HIRE & PURCHASE COSTS (Hire inc. VAT / Purchase exc. VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Dry Hire Cost Available Hire of Set Purchase Cost
Groovy 1 2.2m x 3.6m £40 x 1 Set of 10 for £300 £500 / each
Far Out 1 2.3m x 3.6m £40 x 1 £500 / each
Feel The Groove 2.3m x 3.3m £40 x 1 £450 / each
Get Down On It 2.3m x 3.3m £40 x 1 £450 / each
Spaghetti 2.3m SQ £30 / each x 3 £375 / each
Circles 2.2m SQ £30 / each x 3 £375 / each
Groovy 2 2.3m x 3.5m £40 x 1   £500 / each
Far Out 2 2.3m x 3m £40 x 1   £450 / each
Groovy Baby 2.3m x 3m £40 x 1   £500 / each
Funky Dude 2.3m x 3m £40 x 1   £500 / each
Dig It 2.3m x 3.6m £40 x 1   £500 / each
Disco Fever Centre 2.3m x 3.5m £40 x 1 Set of 3 for £100 £500 / each
Disco Fever Dancer 2.3m x 2.6m £35 / each x 2 £400 / each
Big Circles 2.3m SQ £30 / each x 3   £375 / each
Seventies 70s 2.3m x 3m £40 x 1   £500 / each
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