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We paint logos, designs, company names, promotions, band names & graphics onto fire retardant canvas and cotton materials using UV paints which result in a highly visable effective backdrop or banner. These backdrops and banners are made here at the Visual Bliss Studio using creative technologies & skilled artmanship, which produce a crisp, clear result. If you supply us your graphic/logo by email (jpeg ideal) and the size required we can give you an exact price for production, prices vary depending upon the complexity of your design. Or we help you create a design or the colour scheme and effects for your outline design. Backdrops and banners are hemmed all round metal eyeletted for easy hanging and made of quality materials designed to last. If looked after sensibly they can be used hundreds of times and will last for years. Our Decor is Certificated Fire Retardant to BS5867ii & BS5852ii complying with regulations for drapes & hangings at public events.

No.1 Queen tribute band : ''Killer Queen'' - Stage backdrop consisting of five 1.5m x 7m blackout strips with painted UV floodlight designs .

This backdrop has been painted with a glowing effect sprayed around the lettering, it is almost invisable in normal lighting shown in the far left picture, the picture near left shows the backdrop with UV lighting.
Example of 3D style lettering designed by Visual Bliss and painted with UV (Ultraviolet) paint, banner 1m x 5m
Company logos on black cotton material, backdrops 2.4m x 3.3m for use at trade shows, when lit wit UV lights they are vivid and eye catching.
Example of 'soft' 3D style lettering - 0.7m x 5m
Example of 'hard' 3D style lettering - 1.5m x 5m
Company advertising/logo for event.
Example of 3D style lettering with special effects - 0.9m x 4m

These Backdrops contain a lot of artistic detail and would cost considerably more than the flat coloured ones below.

1.5m x 2m 2.4m x 2.8m  
Examples of flat colour backdrops simple but bold.
Music Industry Manual Banner - 1.5m x 3.2m
Dance night banner - 2.1m x 3m
2.5m x 6m Big Stage Backdrop
1.5m x 2m
Examles of painted UV logos for nightclubs, made on heavy duty fire retardant canvas and lacquered to withstand the stresses of the environment.
2.5m x 5m
2.7m x 5.5m
Examples of Band Backdrops designed and painted by us. Ultaviolet paint used.
2.3m x 3.5m 2.6m x 3.5m  
1.2m x 4m
1.5m x 1.8m
Daevid Allen on stage in front of commissioned UV Mandala during their 2002 european tour.
Daevid Allen - Gong
2.4m SQ
1.2m x 1.2m
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