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Our Event Decorations transform a venue enabling a unique setting for a special event. We take care of the installation and removal including any UV or ambient lighting that may be required. Themes can be specifically designed and custom made or you may choose from our ready made stock. Give us a call or email details of your event to obtain a quote. There are many different themes, effects and atmospheres are possible, from wild n' funky to cool n' classy. If you're not sure of what you want, get in contact with us and let us offer you ideas!


Glastonbury Festival 2016 - Pussy Parlour marquee in the Dance Village. Stretch Fabric installed overhead
UV Party Decor for a marquee. Utilising Jungle Backdrops, SpaceCave Backdrops and hanging Caves overhead, lit with UV lights & Lasers, also Inflatable Stars with UV lights inside. Installation done during the day, then Decor is removed after the event or next morning.

The Ice Bar for a business dinner at the London Intercontinental Hotel. Our 3D Purple Rock covers the wall with two layers of Caves hanging in front,
UV lights are hidden behind the Caves.
The World Latin American Dance Championship (A.K.A. Crystal Palace Cup), is held each year at the Crystal Palace International Atheletics Stadium. We transform and add a touch of class to what is usually a sparce basketball stadium. Perimeter walls are covered with Burgundy & Gold Silk Drape, the 7.5m x 30m windows blacked out for use in daytime, overhead to bring down the ceiling height are fitted Stretch Fabric shapes running the length, with giant 3.9m Inflatable Stars hung below that, creating a new eyeline (see Overhead Decorations) behind the compare/presentaion stage are Purple Rock backdrops illumined with UV lighting at night, on stage and around the hall are 'foliage pots' with light stamens creating classy funky touch. Installation for this event takes 1.5 days.

Chocolate Easter Casino commisioned by Alton Towers. Made to measure Chocolate Cube backdrops were produced for the walls and velvet curtains concealed doors while maintaining accessibility. Cadburys purple 'Silk' draped below the handrail. At each end of the room Rumpled Silk effect backdrops were fitted with 'Chocolate Drips' above. Crimson Stretch Fabric overhead. Concealed UV lighting was installed all round. (Top left picture is blue due to wrong camera setting)


Private Masquerade Ball at the Law Society, City of London. A grand room with oak walls and a high ceiling was the prestigious setting, but a bit of sex n spice was needed for the night; a full 'Silk' ceiling was hung just above the chanderliers, shiny gold drapes were hung aside each alcove, majenta LED parcan lights were positioned in the corners, purple velvet was placed inbetween the
gold as pillars

The Empress Suite at the De Vere Grand Hotel Brighton, white 'Silk' was draped around the whole room as part of a Winter Wonderland
theme for a Christmas Dinner Party, a partition was made at one end with tensioned wire to create a false wall behind the stage enabling
rear projection of the screen as well as room to store equipment. Stage 'Silk' is uplit.
'Gold Silk' drapes around all the walls, Zebra Skin backdrops
frame the presentation screen and back the stage
'Inflatable Stars' hang overhead. Business function at
the Hilton Hotel Birmingham.
  Stretch Fabric and Yin Yang 'Discs' overhead for a
colourful dance party event.
Cowes Regatta - Isle of Wight, Stretch Fabric runs through
overhead in the giant marquee, 'Jungle' backdrops line the walls,
with Zebra Backdrops setting the stage, 'Palm Trees' along the
centre divide and 3D Fish above. UV lighting.
  Elegant white Silk' Draping at the Manchester Lowry Hotel,
draped over the 3m high windows to continue the 'white' style
for a business lunch. The Drapes are uplit with coloured lights.
Decorated Marquee - Sungraph' Backdrop as a centrepiece
with 3D Effect 'Fruit Salad on the walls, 5' Flame Lights on stage,
star cloth overhead
  Vortex Backdrops behind 'Zetan Spore'
at Sunrise Festival
White 'Stretch Fabric' joins wall to ceiling and circles around
the room, 'Icicles' hang overhead as well as an 'Inflatable Star'
as a centrepiece. Business event at Sketch London.
  'Inflatable Stars' and 'Stretch Fabric' overhead
for a month long hire install for
Man City F.C Christmas business parties .
Caves hang from overhead, with
Purple Rock on the walls
  Big Yin Yang Backdrop centre stage
with a Sungraph backdrop each side .
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