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Our custom made ClearSpan Marquee is available for creating a totally unique party/event environment. We do not hire out the marquee just as a marquee, but as a fully decorated space, complete with full interior decor, including backdrops and drapes all round in the Theme or Style you want, as well as ceiling lining and overhead features. The backdrops are all lit with UV lighting as well as there being ambient and 'disco' lighting as per requirements. The Themes, Styles, Colours and Effects available are numerous, allowing the space to become the perfect setting for your special event, whether a 70's Party, a Wedding Reception, a 90's Rave or a Unique Celebration we got Decor & Themes that fit perfectly into the Marquee. Our marquee has been custom made with fixing points everywhere to allow total decor coverage, different style options and lighting possibilities, the result is a truly awesome event & party space which is tailored to suit your requirements. The Marquee is modular and can be erected from a minimum of 10m width x 6m length up to a maximum of 10m width x 18m length in 3m incriments of length. At full size 10m x 18m the Marquee has a capacity of 250 for dancing (at Festivals) but a more comfortable capacity of 150-200 for private parties with some seating areas inside included. 10m x 12m (4 sections) is a good size for parties of around 100 people. Full 10m x 18m can seat around 100 people for food. Also available is a new Funktion One sound system, 2x Res 2s with 4x F218s provides perfect full, fat and clean sound for the space. Fully kitted DJ Booth can also be hired with 2x Mackie SRM450 monitors, 2x Pioneer CDJ1000s mk3s, 2x Technics 1210s, Formula Sound Funktion-One Mixer.
See bottom of page for price guide.
Click Here for YouTube film of Visual Bliss UV Marquee Dance Party.

Marquee entrance lit at night


Inside is Coir matting on the floor, Silk lined ceiling, and full Decor and Lighting
here pictured is our Jungle Theme

Beautiful, Colourful, Partying in Style

'Spacecave' UV Backdrops around the Chill Out Zone at one end


The Marquee here is15m long (in 3m sections) maximum size is 18m long


Inside during the day, here with grass floor,
the ends have a triangle window in the apex



DJ Booth decorated with Palm Trees


The Chill Out end decorated with 'SpaceCave' Backdrops and 'Planet' Lights in the ceilng, this end shows the width of the Marquee of 10m

The 'Jungle' Backdrops come to life in the evening with hidden UV lighting



DJ with 3.5m SQ 'GlowLines' Backdrop


Ceiling has Black 'Silk 'drapes with white UV stars, also there is Purple Stretch Fabric


The DJ Booth with the Marquee dressed for a 70's Party, Inflatable Boots each side,
white Stretch Fabric and Mirror Ball overhead, 70's style UV Backdrops. Coir matting floor.


Creative Stretch Fabric installation with projection lighting above the cosy seating area of a private birthday party, 'Tiger Skin' UV Backdrops line the walls


The DJ Booth with White Stretch Fabric
and Red 'Silk' Drapes overhead

UV Dance Marquee Decor. Here the Res2s are on stands with the F218s (bass) together in
front of the DJ (not visable in pic)


The Marquee lit at night


The ceiling with Projection Lighting
onto Stretch Fabric at night


Funktion-One Res 2 Speaker
Full range has 15" Bass, 1" Top and 8" Mid


Res2 on top of F218 Bass Speaker which has 2x 18" Bass

Prices below are a general guide as each customers requirements are different, Full Decor in whatever style is always the starting point though, varying degrees of Lighting are added, the DJ Booth is 2.5m wide and has space to easily accommodate 2x CDJs and 2x Technics 1210s and a mixer, the Booth has a rear part also to put records and CDs etc and both front and rear parts have a shelf underneath the top (for amplifiers and spare space). The Sound System is a brand new Funktion One Rig. Then there is a pair of Monitor speakers for the DJ. A Coconut/Coir matting floor can be fitted throughout. Also available are 2 x Fluoro dance podiums, 6 x Fluoro low tables.
The Marquee can be erected any of the following sizes 10m x 6m, 10m x 9m, 10m x 12m, 10m x 15m, 10m x 18m
HIRE COSTS (Ex. VAT)  -   Hiring Decor Info
Item Size Description Cost
1/2 Size Decorated Marquee 10m x 9m With Full Decor & Lighting £3750
1/2 Size Decorated Marquee 10m x 9m With Full Decor & Lighting and DJ Booth, Sound System, Coir Matting Floor and Covered Hay Bale Seating £5000
Full Size Decorated Marquee 10m x 18m With Full Decor & Lighting £5000
Full Size Decorated Marquee 10m x 18m With Full Decor & Lighting and DJ Booth, Sound System, Coconut Matting Floor and Covered Hay Bale Seating £6500
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